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Data for Hope 2019

ATLytiCS Hackathon

In partnership with Southern Data Science Conference



As analytics advances, widens in application areas and answers more complex questions, the use of data for improving community causes becomes an interest and reality for forward-thinking organizations.


ATLytiCS, an Atlanta based nonprofit focused on analytics for community service, is hosting Data for Hope 2019 – The Fight against Human Trafficking.  As part of our commitment to help the community, Southern Data Science Conference 2019 has agreed to host the awards ceremony at 5:00 PM on April 12 to welcome associated community partners, discuss this important initiative, and announce the winners of Data for Hope 2019.


The competition is open to the public and involves applying data science and analytics skills to answer community questions around the issue of human trafficking using specified publicly available data sources. Participating teams will apply analytics skills using the tools of their choice to help address community questions. 

More information about ATLytiCS can be found by joining the MeetUp page, visiting the website, and following the LinkedIn profile.


Let’s join ATLytiCS and support the use of data to help them make a difference together,

Drs. Andreea Popescu, Khalifeh Al Jadda, and Beverly Wright

Co-Founders, ATLytiCS


Data for Hope 2019: